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Title: Wines -

Wine Surprise is dedicated to fine boutique wines at closeout prices. A bad economy means great wines for you at the lowest prices you have ever seen. Why pay more when Wine Surprise will ship wines and wine accessories to you at the lowest prices anywhere? If you are looking for wine gifts, Wine Surprise offers a large wine gift section that offers wines, accessories, gift sets and more at bargain prices. This wine web site has a full money back guarantee that gives you a refund if you find the product at a lower price or if you are not fully satisfied. Wine accessories with a bottle of wine makes a great wine gift that will be appreciated all year long.

Here's a wine tip that will help you enjoy each bottle you drink. Many smell the cork after opening the bottle. You should do it also as it is useful to smell the wet end of the cork before drinking the wine. Sometimes the cork will give you advance notice that there is something off about the wine. Even if there are no visible discolorations or growths along the top of the cork, it does not mean that the cork did not harm the wine, or that there isn't some other problem with the wine. A bitter or vinegar like smell means it is of poor quality. You should always look and smell the cork to make sure that the bottle was not exposed to air and that the cork did its job. If there is mold or any other growth on the cork then odds are that air got into the bottle and spoiled the delightful juice in it. 

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